Category: States And Medicaid

Indiana Medicaid

Enrollment The distribution of Indiana Medicaid enrollment by beneficiary in 2011 was the aged (8%), the disabled (15%), adults (20%) and children (57%). CHIP The amount of children who were…

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Illinois Medicaid

CHIP 1,503,250 children were enrolled in Illinois Medicaid/CHIP in October 2014. Children accounted for 49.1% of total IL Medicaid/CHIP enrollees in October 2014. Costs Covered In the 2012 fiscal year,…

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Georgia Medicaid

Enrollment In the 2011 fiscal year, males made up 42% of Medicaid enrollees while females accounted for 58%. CHIP In October 2014, child enrollment in Medicaid/CHIP was 1,218,048. Children made…

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